When discussing concerns about mask wearing non-compliance with administration, ensure that you have the Public Health Order handy. The wording in the order is much stronger than the Health and Safety guidelines for K – 12 and supersedes them.

Public Health Orders have a great deal of weight and districts have an obligation to ensure they are followed. For example, you are required under section 42 of the Public Health Act to comply with this Order. Failure to comply with this Order is an offence under section 99 (1) (k) of the Public Health Act.

In the order (linked below) you are going to see that it only applies to grades 4 to 12. This is because there is a significant lag time between when Dr. Henry announces an order and when the actual printed Public Health Order is available, often well after the implementation date of the safety measure. We aren’t sure whether this order will be amended to include K to 3 or whether there will be another order from Dr. Henry.

 Read the full order here:

[ https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/about-bc-s-health-care-system/office-of-the-provincial-health-officer/covid-19/covid-19-pho-order-face-coverings.pdf ]

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