If you are concerned about the climate crisis, consider putting your name forward to be elected at STARA on Thursday, June 16 to the Ad Hoc STA Environmental Justice Committee which formed two years ago after the International Panel on Climate Change released its dire report stating that we have only 12 years (less than a decade now) to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the most disastrous effects of climate change.  

As individuals, members of our committee are connected with many other grassroots environmental organizations and teachers’ groups. As a committee, we work to amplify and promote the work of locally based organizations, such as the Sustainabiliteens and Surrey for Future.  

Some of our work has included: 

  • hosting a BCTF workshop for STA members, titled Taking Action on Climate Change,  
  • bringing forward motions to the Resolutions Committee to bring to the BCTF AGM – subjects have included promoting outdoor learning, tackling carbon emissions in schools and district buildings, and supporting curriculum about the climate emergency 
  • supporting local campaigns to stop habitat loss in Surrey and hold the City of Surrey accountable to its climate emergency goals 
  • joining local actions, including protests against the 84th Ave connector through Bear Creek Park, and old growth logging in the province 

This year everyone’s attention has necessarily been focused on the pandemic and COVID safety at school, but there is no doubt that the effects of climate change will continue to mount. Advocacy on these issues and more is ongoing and we welcome your input and collaboration to tackle the climate emergency and increase sustainability in our communities. If this is work that interests you, consider putting your name forward to sta@surreyteachers.org to join our committee. 

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