The Covid Action Committee has been working hard to make sense of all the data that is issued by the Fraser Health Authority each week. We also try to make sense of the gaps in public data related to Covid and forward this information to the STA Executive Committee to consider when planning actions such as the Car Caravan and Press Releases.

The images below provide a snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 in our District.

Isolations of classes and individuals (staff and students) in Surrey School District since February 2021

The number of sites that have Covid exposures this year:

We are also gathering stories and reflections from members that will be published in various formats soon. Thank you to everyone who has submitted reflections and stories about their “teaching during the pandemic’ experiences. Here’s an extract from one of the reflections submitted so far:

I am teaching a blended learning class this and see firsthand how the exposure notices impact my families. Less than 20% of my class regularly attend the in-person learning afternoons because they are afraid. These students are missing out on the equivalent of day of school each week.

I feel that the health authority is not prioritizing our families nearly enough — where is the translated information about registering for and receiving vaccinations? Where is the paid time off from fast food, restaurant, factory, or trucking jobs to be able to get vaccinated or vaccinations within jobsites?

If you have a story or reflection you’d like to share, please email it to

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