The deadline for applying for Consolidated Pro-D funds is Friday, June 25.  Consolidated Pro-D applications can be emailed to, or faxed to (604) 594-5176 for the approval process. 

The deadline for use of the Consolidated Pro-D funds, as well as the 2020/21 school year Pro-D funds is September 15, 2021. Events have to be completed on or before this date and applications and original receipts have to be received by the STA office by this date. Applications and original receipts should be sent to STA #000 via the courier mailbag system, please keep in mind that it generally takes a week to arrive at the STA office, so plan accordingly so that it will be received by the deadline.  

 A Professional Resource Application is not a stand-alone application. An Individual Pro-D application and receipt needs to be submitted once the Professional Resource Application is approved. In order to be approved, a professional resource must be attached to a particular Pro-D activity and date. If the resource is being used for a self-directed activity, please include a description of the activity. Please ensure that this portion of the application is complete in order to avoid delays in the application process. 

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