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Election Procedures

    • Voting will take place live during the Special General Meeting.
    • The Nominating Chairperson will be Erin Coleman, our Professional Development Officer.

Candidate Statements

Below please find the candidates who have submitted their names and write ups for President, Professional Support Services Officer, Grievance Officer and Secretary-Treasurer. Please click the “+” sign to the left of the candidate name to reveal their statement and campaign materials. Members who are interested in running for this position, who have not yet submitted their name and statement, are welcome and encouraged to run from the floor during the Special General Meeting on January 19, 2022.

Candidates for President (1 to be elected)

Jatinder Bir

Our work, as teachers and union activists, has been impacted in so many ways since the start of this pandemic.  Teachers in classrooms have been asked in many ways to step up and provide service and support in ways that were not anticipate. Teachers and union activists, as consummate professionals, do what we can to provide support and advocacy for our students, our colleagues and our collective agreement.

Over this tumultuous year, I have worked hard to ensure that STA members have experienced consistent support in my initial role as 2nd Vice President, then 1st Vice President, and now as acting President.  It is indeed one of the greatest privileges, as a teacher, to work on behalf of other teachers, to support our successes and our challenges.  I feel honoured to once again put my name forward for election. I am asking for your support for the position of President of the Surrey Teachers’ Association.

With your support and confidence, I will continue to lead and support Surrey Teachers’. I have demonstrated my ongoing commitment to the STA. I hold important institutional knowledge based on my previous experience and am deeply dedicated to the ongoing personal and professional learning required in my role.

My leadership is deeply entwined with my ethics and my respect for the values and work of our local, both in my relationship with members and my relationship with the institution.  I’m not afraid to work hard, and I’m committed to the lifelong learning required in this position.  I humbly ask for your support and hope to continue to work with you all in the role of President of the STA

In solidarity,
Jatinder Bir

Local Highlights 2021-22

  • Surrey Teachers’ Association Acting President (Nov 2021-Present)
  • Surrey Teachers’ Association 1st President (Nov 2021-Present)
  • Surrey Teachers’ Association 2nd Vice President (2018-Nov 2021)
  • Local Bargaining Team (2020-Present) (2015-2020)
    • Appointed as Co-Lead Spokesperson for Local Bargaining
  • Ad Hoc Cmte for Members of Colour (2019-Present)
  • Professional Development Cmte (2020-Present) (2018-2020) (2017-2019)
  • Convention Cmte (2020-Present)
  • LGBTQ+ Ad Hoc Cmte (2020-Present)


  • B.C. Teachers Council (*Re-elected 2021-Present) (2018-2021)
  • Appointed to the Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board (DPCD) (Present-2024)
    • Governing in the Public Interest (GIPI) online certificate training program for BC public sector appointees
  • Representative Assembly Chairperson (2020-Present)
  • BCTF Annual General Meeting Chairperson (2020) (2021)​
  • 2021 Canadian Teachers’ Federation Women’s Symposium (May 2021)
  • Women in Negotiations (2019-Present)

For my curriculum vitae:


Mykola Misiak

There is no write up, picture or video to accompany at this time.

Candidates for Professional Support Services Officer (1 to be elected)

Vanessa Broadworth

Dear colleagues/ chers collègues,

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider all the candidate statements, and to vote for those who you feel will be the best fit for the positions – be that myself or another candidate. Our union is stronger thanks to members such as yourself.

Growing up, both of my parents were members of strong unions, and seeing how those unions supported their members first-hand made an impression on me at a young age. Later, working in the private sector for my first career made me appreciate unions even more. As soon as I became a teacher, I knew that I wanted to be an active member of my union, so I started seeking out ways to become involved. I started first as a workshop facilitator for the BCTF and then four years ago I became a staff rep at my school, and first a member and now chairperson of the STA Convention Committee. I have also been an elected member of the STA delegation at the BCTF AGM for the past two years. I have seen first-hand through these experiences how the union can make a real difference in teachers’ lives, not only for us as a collective, but for individual members as well. In fact, in some ways I see this as some of the most important work of the union – having someone in “your corner” when you most need it can have a huge impact.

As the Professional Support Services Officer, I promise to do everything I can to be in our members’ corners whenever they need me to – whether that’s supporting teachers new to the profession or to a new assignment, working with the mediation team, supporting members through evaluations or investigations, or simply listening to and responding to members’ concerns as they arise. The pandemic has brought to the forefront issues that we know have been percolating in our education system for years, as well as a whole new suite of challenges. Now more than ever many teachers are feeling the stress and strain of teaching in such challenging times. If you choose to support me in becoming your Professional Support Services Officer I promise to do everything that I possibly can to help our members navigate and address whatever situation they may find themselves in.

By working together, we can better protect our members rights. I hope you will allow me to be part of the STA team working to serve you.

Thank you.

Thais Cabral

Greetings Fellow STA Members,

My name is Thais Pimentel Cabral (she/her/hers) and I am an Afro-Indigenous educator originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am seeking your vote for Professional Support Services Officer. My interests and relationship with this position started when I faced conflicts and had my professionalism questioned while I was doing my practicum to become a teacher here in BC. In my professional journey, I have defended myself alone and settled a formal complaint to the BC Human Rights Tribunal. I am familiar with the language and procedures in our Collective Agreement. Since then, I have been involved in advocating for teachers who seek justice and equity in institutions. Currently, I support and mentor members in our local union and at the BCTF level to understand our Collective Agreement and BCTF Code of Ethics.

I believe it is important to privilege Indigenous principles of relationship and training when addressing differences between members through investigation and meditation and supporting them throughout the process. Indigenization briefly means to be relational to everything, trusting the intentions set and the good faith brought by the people and communities when working together. In this sense, a relational cultural approach means understanding that we are connected and related to everyone and everything – including land, animals, past and future. As a Professional Support Services Officer, I would apply all of these values to strengthen our local union and build a solid circle of trust.

As a teacher who brings experiences from other jurisdictions and unions, as well as, a newcomer who possesses skills and cultural competencies, I am confident that I am an ideal fit for this role. I have more than 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher. In addition, I have a Master’s Degree and a diverse experience working for corporations and the Canadian government. I am a fast and adaptable learner who is passionate about non-violent communication, prevention, intervention and restorative justice when it comes to conflict resolution and peer support. I would like to use my intersectional perspective, Afro-Indigenous knowledge, experience working for social justice at the BCTF and lived and professional experiences to become a representative of a more diverse STA table officer team.

Union Experience:

  • Non-violent Communication – 10 session course
  • BCTF Advisory Panel to Address Racially Discriminatory Actions
  • BCTF Social Justice Workshop Designer and Facilitator
  • AOEC Member and Workshop Designer and Facilitator
  • Member of Black Educators of BC
  • Local Representative to the BCTF for the Surrey Teachers Association.
  • AGM Delegate 2020 and 2021
  • CUPE AGM Delegate 2021

Kelli O'Malley

I am excited to put my name forward for the position of Professional Support Services Officer. I believe this is the right time for me to devote more time to my union and its members.

I have been actively engaged in serving the union in many capacities since becoming a teacher in 1999, starting with participating in supporting members during the job actions in 2000, 2001, 2005. That experience pushed me to become a Staff Rep, a position I have held for 18 years and a role that has helped me become very conversant in our Collective Agreement. I also have been the chair or co-chair of my school’s Staff and Professional Development Committees for 15 years, and I am on the Health and Safety Committee. I have been elected as a Local Representative and Member at Large for the STA Executive Committee for two years in each position. I have also served the STA as a member, chair and co-chair of the STA Professional Development Committee for the past 6 years, and I have been a member of the STA Grievance, Health and Safety, Bargaining, and Resolutions Committees. I have also attended multiple BCTF AGM’s. In conjunction with my committee work, I am also a BCTF SURT Trainer, where I’ve received training and conducted workshops for teachers about Professional Development, Professional Issues, Grievance, Assessment, Capacity Building, Having Conversations and Teacher Inquiry. I have also worked with the Surrey School District on various initiatives, including Assessment and Reporting, Mediation, and Mentor 36. This has given me a breadth of experience and the tools to help teachers with the issues they are facing daily in their school lives and made me realize that supporting staff has become a driving force in my professional life.

I know how difficult the teaching profession has become, and I work tirelessly to help the staff at my school know their rights and responsibilities, and help them negotiate conversations with administration, other teachers, and CUPE members. I believe I have the knowledge, skills and drive to provide advice, support, and representation to the members of my union as their Professional Support Services Officer.

Ross Scott

I, Ross Scott, seek to be elected to the position of Professional Support Services Officer

Ross Scott

I grew up in Alberta where I obtained my B.A. and B.Ed. and briefly worked at a TTOC in High Schools before I decided to work in Japan. I moved to BC and did a practicum in elementary education before obtaining a position as a TTOC in Surrey in 1996. As a TTOC I had the opportunity to work in secondary and elementary schools and became involved in the STA as a TTOC rep for the executive. I started the TOC news when I was in that role. During my 25 years as an elementary teacher, I have had the benefit of working in nine schools of different sizes and grade levels. This experience has allowed me to have different leadership opportunities. I have participated on the STA Health and Safety committee as well as the District Health and Safety committee. Additionally, I am currently a member of the STA mediation team that assists members with workplace issues. Throughout my career I have been a STA rep, Health and Safety staff rep, and Staff Committee chair. I have assisted several schools with enacting staff committee constitutions and creating portable policies.

I am seeking the position of Professional Support Services Officer as a natural extension of my work on the Mediation team. I am aware of the current issues related to providing support to teachers undergoing evaluation, change in assignments, and the need for mentorship for those teachers new to the profession. Throughout my career I have always sought to support teachers whenever I could. It often involved difficult discussions with administration. We need to work together to solve problems. I have gained valuable experience working with the mediation team in solving members challenges that often occur in the workplace. My vision is to continue the work that the team has started in relation to conflict coaching with teachers in the district to minimize disputes amongst members.

Additionally, as a member of the executive I will continue to work on your behalf to voice your issues with district personnel. My vision is to use my position as your Professional Support Officer to further the objectives of the Surrey Teachers Association: to promote the welfare of members; to foster and promote the cause of education; to promote the professional development of teachers; and to represent its members and to regulate relations with their employer through collective bargaining of terms and conditions of employment.


Teacher 25 years
STA Mediation team (2019 – present)
STA Health and Safety Committee (2019-2020)
District Health and Safety Committee (2019 – 2020)
BCTF AGM Delegate 2020
STA Rep (1996 – present)

Pauline Veto

Hello colleagues,

I am asking for your support to be the Professional Support Services Officer of the STA.   I am an experienced Surrey secondary school teacher who has weathered the ups and downs of the teaching profession over the last twenty some years.  I have found great collegiality, support and purpose working with our local through many committees and delegations.  I am humbled by the dedication, passion and time that so many members give in volunteering to assist their colleagues and to make our local better.

As Professional Support Services Officer I will work to ensure that all members are heard and that our processes reflect the diversity of our membership.  Working for our members and keeping the needs of members at the forefront of decision making is the perspective I will bring to this role.  As we work through ever increasing challenges, the member support programs are fundamental in our work as a union. I will work to ensure all members are able to access responsive programs and services that enhance professional practice. I look forward to collaborating with the employer to keep member services a priority.   As we work through this global pandemic I will prioritize advocating for safe and healthy working conditions for members. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of education and the critical role of teachers. Now is the time to shine a light on the key role that teachers hold in supporting communities and to advocate for increasing the resources and the supports needed.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for voting,

Pauline Veto

School Experience

Secondary School Teacher (Queen Elizabeth, Kwantlen Park, Len Shepherd)
STA Staff Representative
Staff Committee Chair & Member
Health & Safety Committee Member
STA Representative, Inter-A District Advisory Committee

Local Experience

STA Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Committee (2017-2019)
STA Political Action/Public Relations Committee Member (2015 – 2019), Chair (2019 -2021)
STA Finance Committee (2017 – present)
STA Status of Women Committee (2019 – present)
STA Bargaining Committee (2020 – present)
STA Grievance Committee (2020 – present)
STARA Steering Committee (2020 – present)
STA Resolutions Committee (2017-2019)

Provincial Experience

BCTF Workshop Facilitator – Professional & Social Issues (2017-2021)
BCTF Zone Meeting – Political Action Contact (2019 – 2021)
BCTF Summer Conference (2018 – 2019)
Local Representative to the BCTF (2019-2020)
Local delegate to the BCTF AGM (2015 – 2021)

Candidates for Grievance Officer (1 to be elected)

Mykola Misiak

There is no write up, picture or video to accompany at this time.

Kelli O'Malley

I would like to put my name forward for the position of Grievance Officer for the Surrey Teachers’ Association. This is a position requiring experience and knowledge of the Collective Agreement and its application to the work teachers do every day.

I have been a teacher and union activist since entering the profession in 1999. As a long time Staff Rep, I have been involved in multiple conversations and mediations involving teachers and administrators, with the goal of preventing a grievance. I have gained valuable experience in contract interpretation and recognizing what constitutes a true grievance as opposed to problems that naturally arise between members and administration. I have participated in all levels of the Provincial Grievance Procedure at various times and am diligent in giving the members involved the information they need to resolve the issue before it becomes a grievance. By empowering teachers with knowledge, they can take control of their professional life, and I work hard to make sure the teachers I serve are informed.

The knowledge and experience I will use to support this role include:
– receiving training and giving BCTF workshops on Grievances
– being elected to the STA Grievance Committee
– being elected as to the STA’s Health and Safety, Bargaining, and Resolutions Committees
– serving as Staff Rep for 18 years
– being elected as chair and co-chair of my school’s Staff Committee for 15 years
– being elected as chair and co-chair of my school’s Professional Development Committee for 15 years
– serving as the Staff Rep member on the Health and Safety Committee
– being elected as a Local Representative and Member at Large for the STA Executive Committee for two years in each position
– being elected as a member, chair, and co-chair of the STA Professional Development Committee for the past 8 years
– being a trained BCTF SURT Facilitator for the past 5 years, giving workshops on Professional Development, Professional Issues, Grievance, Assessment, Capacity Building, Having Conversations and Teacher Inquiry

I have also attended multiple BCTF AGM’s, where I learned what is happening in other districts and the resolutions they have achieved. I have also worked with the Surrey School District on various initiatives, including Assessment and Reporting, Mediation, and Mentor 36. I believe the training and experience I have gained has given me the skill set necessary to be an effective Grievance Officer.

Amrit Sanghe

Dear colleagues,

While I have a wide range of interests in my union activism, grievance-related work has been a particular passion of mine for the past several years. I have gained a strong understanding of our collective agreement through my school-based union leadership roles and STA committee work. Specifically, my participation on the Bargaining Committee, Executive Committee and Grievance Committee have been formative in honing the skills needed to interpret the Collective Agreement and utilize this information to support and advocate for members. I have worked collaboratively with colleagues to draft, analyze and discuss proposals that enhance our Collective Agreement during the current round of Local Bargaining. Through my various roles on the Executive Committee, I have fervently advocated for and supported some of our most vulnerable members, including early-career teachers, TTOCs and racialized members. As educators in a chronically underfunded system, there is no shortage of ways to improve our working conditions, and I am committed to using my knowledge and skillset to make this profession more sustainable for all members.

As Chair of the Grievance Committee, I have organized and participated in nuanced discussions of our collective agreement, with a particular commitment to the democratization of union knowledge. I have utilized my grievance training from the BCTF Summer Conference to support our current officers with the grievance process. I have also used my education and activism in antiracism to prepare a framework for our Grievance officers to apply an anti-oppression lens to their work, which I believe is essential for supporting and representing our increasingly diverse membership. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to be an excellent Grievance Officer for Surrey teachers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Local Experience

  • Executive Committee (2019- present)
  • Grievance Committee Chair (Present)
  • Members of Colour Ad Hoc Committee Chair (Present)
  • Bargaining Committee (2020- Present)
  • Political Action/ Public Relations Committee (2020- Present)
  • Political Action Contact (2020- Present)
  • Indigenization Committee (2020- Present)
  • Antiracism Committee (2021)
  • Health and Safety Committee (2021)
  • TTOC Committee Chair (2019-2020)
  • Local Representative to the BCTF (2020-2021)
  • STA Resolutions Committee (2020-2021)
  • Staff Rep (2017- Present)
  • Pro D Rep (2018-2019)
  • Health and Safety Rep (Present)
  • Staff Committee member (2019- Present)

Provincial Experience

  • Anti-Oppression Educators Collective, Executive Committee- Member at Large (2020- Present)
  • Bargaining Convention Delegate (2021)
  • Issue Session on Racism, Participant (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Local Representative to the BCTF (2020-2021)
  • BCTF Summer Conference Training (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • BCTF Zones Training (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • BCTF Delegate to the BC Federation of Labour Convention (2020)


  • Ed – Equity Studies in Education, Simon Fraser University (2017-2019)
  • Ed – Secondary Social Sciences, University of British Columbia (2015- 2016)
  • A. – Political Science, University of British Columbia (2008-2013)

Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer (1 to be elected)

To be added upon receipt