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Election Procedures

    • Voting will take place live during the Special General Meeting.
    • The Nominating Chairperson will be our current president, Matt Westphal.

Candidate Statements

Below please find the candidates who have submitted their names and write ups for 1st Vice President. Please click the “+” sign to the left of the candidate name to reveal their statement and campaign materials. Members who are interested in running for this position, who have not yet submitted their name and statement, are welcome and encouraged to run from the floor during the Special General Meeting on October 21, 2021.

Candidates for 1st Vice President (1 to be elected)

Jatinder Bir

I’ve never been prouder to be a STA member and to stand with my colleagues across the district during this time.  The challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and amplified by the increasing workload and erosion of supports we face in our work have changed the nature of our work, despite vigilance and solidarity across the membership.

In the face of these challenges, my passion and commitment to this work has only increased. I am a strong advocate for public education, in the classroom, in the STA office, with BC Teachers’ Council, and with the BCTF. I have found that my skills are a natural fit with the twin roles of advocacy and political action required in union work, but more importantly, in the ethical and responsible representation of members.

I’ve always been someone who approaches matters from both an individual and systemic perspective.  As a woman of colour, a classroom teacher and a committed community and teacher activist, I see not only the essential requirement to understand and respond to both our members’ needs and the overarching structures in which we work.

To this end, I’m skilled at representing the union as a whole and speaking with the voice of solidarity and unity when advocating to the district.  I’m highly organized and courageous in my roles ensuring that the BCTF reflects the objectives and values of Surrey Teachers.  And I’m caring and responsive to the needs of members, each of whom have a unique experience with their worksite and their union.

I am currently the 2nd Vice President of the STA, a position I have held for three years (currently serving in my 4th year).  While Julia’s movement on from our in-house team is a loss for the organization, it provides an opportunity for my leadership skills and commitment to the STA to grow and further develop.  I hold important institutional knowledge based on my previous experience and am deeply dedicated to the ongoing personal and professional learning required in the role.

My leadership is deeply entwined with my ethics and my respect for the values and work of our local, both in my relationship with members and my relationship with the institution.  I’m not afraid to work hard, and I’m committed to the lifelong learning required in this position.  I humbly ask for your support and hope to continue to work with you all in the role of First Vice President of the STA.

Jatinder Bir

Local Highlights 2021-22

  • Surrey Teachers’ Association 2nd Vice President (2018-Present)
  • Local Bargaining Team (2020-Present) (2015-2020)
  • Ad Hoc Cmte for Members of Colour (2019-Present)
  • Professional Development Cmte (2020-Present) (2018-2020) (2017-2019)
  • Convention Cmte (2020-Present)
  • LGBTQ+ Ad Hoc Cmte (2020-Present)

Provincial Highlights 2021-22

  • C. Teachers Council (*Re-elected 2021-Present) (2018-2021)
    • Appointed to the Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board (DPCD) (Present-2024)
    • Governing in the Public Interest (GIPI) online certificate training program for BC public sector appointees
  • Representative Assembly Chairperson (2020-Present)
  • Women in Negotiations (2019-Present)
  • BCTF Annual General Meeting Chairperson (2020) (2021)​ (2022)

Mykola Misiak

No write up supplied at this time.