Did you know that the STA’s Social Justice Committee has curated a large collection of social justice themed documentaries on DVD which are available for loan to Surrey Teachers? There are films for a wide range of grade levels and theme areas, from war and peace issues to water privatization, immigration, globalization and many, many more.

Borrowing is so easy! Simply browse the list of titles online, email your choices to Julia MacRae, 1st Vice-President, at 1-vp@surreyteachers.org and they’ll arrive via courier. After a few weeks, you can return the DVDs to the STA office the same way!

Why not borrow a few to watch over the spring break? You could do so for your own interest or to later show and discuss with students in your class.

Here’s a review from Dorothy W. who borrowed The Clean Bin Project:
The Clean Bin Project is about a couple who takes on a garbage challenge – to see who will have the least amount of waste created in a year. Alongside the ongoing challenge being documented, the movie also looks into how North American culture produces a waste society and the implications it has on the world. It is an eye-opening documentary that makes you rethink the waste we produce on a daily basis.

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