General Guidelines

    • The name of each school/site Pro-D chairperson must be submitted to the STA Pro-D Committee by September 30 of each year.
    • Each school/site Pro-D chair or alternate is expected to attend one day of training each year prior to the school Pro-D funds being released.
    • Only members of the STA are eligible for Pro-D funding, including receiving money and/or TTOC costs.
    • Only STA members can vote on fund use, funding policies and guidelines, function as signing officers and/or vote for school Pro-D or LSA committees.
    • Each school/site staff shall determine its own funding policy. These policies must adhere to the STA funding guidelines. These policies shall be brought before and adopted by the school’s STA members, and should be reviewed from time to time.
    • Pro-D applications from STA members must be authorized by their school’s/site’s elected Pro-D Chairperson according to STA/BCTF guidelines.
      * Final approval is given by STA Pro-D Committee.
    • The purpose of professional development, as laid out in the collective agreement guides the approval of Pro-D Funding applications: F.22.1 The Board and the Surrey Teachers’ Association recognize the value of professional development activities to enhance curricular knowledge, to heighten instructional skills, and to broaden exposure to pedagogical theories, methods and strategies.
    • If an individual applies for more than $500.00 to attend an event, the school Pro-D Chairperson will consult with the STA Professional Development Officer prior to approving the request.
    • Funding appeals should be directed to the STA Pro-D Committee.
    • STA members can only apply from one base school as designated by the Board list within one school year unless approved by the Pro-D Committee of a school other than their base school for a specific event.
    • Funds are paid in Canadian dollars. If reimbursing a member who has paid a US invoice, please include receipt of payment, and actual amount paid in Canadian dollars.
    • ORIGINAL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS must be submitted with all claims for reimbursement.
    • Confirmation of attendance at ALL Pro-D sessions must be included with application forms, where applicable (i.e. where a workshop or conference was attended). If the member is NOT claiming Pro-D funds to cover the cost of registration, a copy of the receipt is sufficient, otherwise, only ORIGINAL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS will guarantee payment.
    • Original receipts must be submitted for reimbursement when claiming meal costs for WHOLE STAFF events.

TTOC costs/LOAs

    • The school board requires a separate “Leave Of Absence” (LOA) form for any day school is in session.
    • Members must send the LOA form directly to the School Board (as per usual procedures).
    • Members must request their own TTOC through the normal dispatch procedures.
    • Submission and approval of an LOA does NOT guarantee availability of Pro-D funds (i.e. the school board does NOT provide the TTOC without cost, so make sure there are Pro-D funds available to you for this purpose.)

To meet approval as a professional resource, the resource must

    • Be related to your teaching area
    • Meet the purpose of Professional Development as laid out at F.22.1 of the Collective Agreement: “to enhance curricular knowledge, to heighten instructional skills, and to broaden exposure to pedagogical theories, methods and strategies.”
    • Be a professional resource as opposed to a teaching resource (which are resources that will be used directly with students, such as a book primarily composed of lesson plans, activities or blackline masters) or a learning resource (books that students will use themselves).

STA Pro-D funds may NOT be applied toward the cost of

    • Curriculum books or teaching supplies (including videos, teachers’ guides, teaching programs, etc.)
    • Activities that are primarily of more personal than professional benefit.
    • Field trips with students.
    • Pro-D events related to Charter Schools.
    • Group or individual fees for conferences or workshops put on by individual STA members or LSAs unless they have received the prior written approval of the STA Professional Development Committee and permission to use the STA logo in all advertising, showing that the event is approved by the STA. LSAs or individual teachers should contact the STA Pro-D committee to apply for STA approval of Pro-D events they are planning. When approved, the STA logo may appear on all advertising for such events, indicating STA approval.
    • Teachers Teaching-on-call or any other costs related to Board organized or Board initiated in-service, accreditation, curriculum implementation, leadership and organizational function, or any professional development activity UNLESS the STA Professional Development Committee has been involved in the planning and organization of the activity in a decision making capacity. The STA logo will appear on all advertising for such events, indicating STA approval.
    • A fee or honorarium charged by an STA member who acts as a facilitator for a Professional Development workshop held during their regular work day.
    • Courses taken for credit.
    • Any costs associated with admin-directed non-instruction days.