While tracking failure-to-fills in past years, this year we are particularly concerned in having it tracked because of the TTOC shortage but as well as a way to verify if the District is failing to meet its district-wide ratios for LST by having service to those students pulled routinely to cover failure-to-fills -particularly in elementary school.

Failure-To-Fill Submission Form

Staff Reps, please help colleagues track this information. As we are a month into the school year, please fill it out retroactively for September as best as you can as a school. Please forward a copy to Joanna Cerazy at grieve1@surreyteachers.org. and/or Mark Keelan at grieve2@surreyteachers.org.This data will help us understand if ratios are being met and also helps us advocate to the District with respect to the impact of failure-to-fills.