I am feeling pressure from my admin to take remedy time even though I don’t want to. Do I have to take it?
No. Teachers cannot be compelled to take remedy if it will not be helpful to them.

Do I have to take remedy time before the end of the school year?
Teachers are not required to take the remedy time before the end of the school year. The District did not start delivering remedy until approximately April so it cannot insist that teachers take it in the last two weeks of the school year if they do not want it at that point.

What happens if I do not take remedy before the end of the school year?
The provincial parties (BCTF and BCPSEA) are in arbitration right now over this issue. What is clear is that the remedy is not lost. What is in dispute is what happens to it after June 30: whether the minutes carry over to next year (BCTF position) or whether it must be “monetized” in some way (BCPSEA position). We will not have the arbitrator’s decision before the summer.

I was told that if I don’t want remedy, I need to sign a letter indicating that I don’t want it. What should I do?
We are taking this issue up with HR. In our view, there is no need for such a letter. Teachers cannot waive their entitlement to remedy. The District has a record of how much remedy each teacher is owed and how much has been delivered. Our advice is not to sign such a letter.

What forms of remedy are available?
The Memorandum of Agreement says that teachers can choose between prep time, co-teaching time, or resource teacher time as remedy. Even if you chose one form (e.g. prep time), you can change your mind and opt for another form (e.g. co-teaching time) if you wish. The STA has also agreed to in-lieu time (subject to various restrictions) as a remedy, and to a payout of remedy for teachers who are retiring or otherwise leaving the District and are still owed remedy, as there is no other way for these teachers to receive the remedy after this year.

For details on these other forms of remedy, please see the Monday Memo of May 24, 2018.

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