The Theme of Focus Day 2023, which is jointly organized by the STA and SD36, is Opening Pathways. Keynote Speaker Sheila Watt-Cloutier will speak on issues related to the environment, the economy, foreign policy and global health.  

In Person Sessions: FULL  

Registration for the two in person workshops (Build A Rocket Launcher and Learn to Bead a Red Dress) IS FULL

Virtual Workshops: No Registration needed 

There are more than a dozen virtual workshops to choose from and two in person excursions. Unlike previous years, teachers WILL NOT be pre-registering for virtual workshops. Teachers should review their options ahead of time and can check  the week of the event to download copies of the handouts.  

On the morning of Focus Day teachers will simply click on the title of their chosen virtual workshops to join the live stream. Some workshops can accommodate only a limited number of participants so if there’s a topic you know is particularly interesting to a large number of your staff they should not wait until the workshop start time to log on. Just like when pre-registration is used, some workshops will “sell out” fast.  

Topics for the virtual workshops include Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, SOGI Inclusive practice, PHE and SEL. 

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