Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) are a way for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests. Our October PSA Professional Development Day on Friday, October 21st is fast approaching. You can visit to find out what conferences are available. You can use either your Individual Professional Development Funds or Consolidated Professional Development Funds to pay for these conferences. 

You are not obligated to attend a PSA Day conference, but you are required to participate in professional development for the day. Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of your professional development.

Individual Professional Development Funds  

Each school site is allocated $97.50 per FTE in the school. Once your Pro-D Rep has attended the training at the STA office, they will hold a vote for staff to choose how that funding will be disbursed to individual members. To access Individual Professional Development Funds, members should fill out an Individual Pro-D Funding Application and have it approved by the school’s Pro-D Rep. Once the event has been attended, members should send the approved form (with original receipts attached) to the STA for reimbursement. Applications can be downloaded from the STA website.  

Consolidated Professional Development Funds  

All STA members are entitled to apply for Consolidated Professional Development funds. A maximum of $500.00 will be available to members on a first come, first serve basis, for a single specific event once every two years. Applications for Consolidated Funds must be pre-approved by the STA Professional Development Officer and applicants are notified by email to let them know if their request has/has not been approved (pending availability of funds at the time). Applications can be downloaded from the STA website. 

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