The STA holds a meeting every spring to provide teachers with a continuing contract information about the job share process and assistance finding a partner.

This year's Job Share meeting

February 10, 2022

Deadline for applications this year

April 1, 2022 (to be submitted to Principal)

Job Share Deadline Extension 
The Surrey School District and the Surrey Teachers’ Association have signed an agreement that extends the April 1 job share deadline for members waiting for entitlements for their specific position. The deadline will be extended by one calendar week from the date that entitlements for a teacher’s specific position were sent to principals. For example, If Core Music entitlements are sent out to principals on April 5
th, Core Music teachers interested in job share would have until April 12th to provide the job share proposal to the principal. Principals will then have one week to provide applicants with a written approval or rejection. All other job share applications are due by April 1st. Application should be made through the principal with a copy to the Human Resources Department. Please email questions to Erin Coleman at

Please fill out the Job Share Information form and return to STA to include your name on our list of people looking for partners. Please submit the completed form to the STA via courier (#000) or email it to

Questions about job sharing? Please contact Erin Coleman at for more information or clarification.