WorkSafeBC (WCB), our provincially mandated workers’ compensation insurer, has released detailed guidelines on when BC workers may file a claim due to occupational COVID-19. The guidelines may be found here.  

The guidelines are intended to be flexible, recognizing that many workers do not have access to COVID-19 testing. They apply to any claim filed within the legal (statutory) timelines. 

Key points for teachers 

  • Please continue filing WCB COVID-19 claims if you believe it may be work-related
  • A claim for COVID-19 infection may be filed within one year of date of injury but filing without delay may increase the chances of claim acceptance. 
  • WCB may accept any of the following as evidence of COVID-19 infection:
    • medical diagnosis, or positive COVID-19 test (which may include any type of test including self-test), or
    • other evidence of infection such as knowledge of an infected co-worker or student
  • Please report your COVID-19 infection to your employer (this can be done verbally, in writing, by email, your normal means of communicating illness or injury to your employer) 
  • To file your WCB claim, please use the Teleclaim Service: 1-888-WORKERS (1-888-967-5377) 

If your claim is denied or if you are unsure if you should file, please contact Luke Olver of the BCTF WCB Advocate Office at (604) 871-1890/

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