Many members are continuing to contract COVID-19.  If WorkSafeBC can link your case to an exposure at school, you are entitled to have most of your sick days reimbursed by WorkSafeBC.  The exact amount of reimbursement will depend on your salary.  The district will use your sick days to cover time not covered by WorkSafeBC BC such that you do not lose any salary. 


  1. Call WorkSafeBC Claims Call Centre at 604.231.8888. If you don’t call, they don’t know about your claim. They will give you a claim number to put on your Form 6A.  
  1. Send the completed Form 6A to: 
    a. your principal,  
    b. the district at District at, and  
    c. the STA at   

Your principal may be confused by the 6A as the District uses a different form, but this is the form BCTF members are to use.  You do not need to fill out both forms: the principal should use the 6A to complete the District form.  

IMPORTANT: If you believe you contracted COVID-19 at work, we strongly encourage you to file a claim with WorkSafeBC. Filing a claim is crucial in the short term to protect your sick leave provisions. It’s also necessary should you experience longer lasting effects related to contracting COVID-19. 

FYI: The updated guidance now confirms that a positive test (PCR or otherwise) is not required for WorkSafeBC to adjudicate a COVID-19 claim.  If the PCR test was not done, the adjudicator will then ask the claimant what other evidence they have of a COVID-19 infection and weigh that evidence to determine if the worker has a COVID-19 claim.  This includes evidence of a different type of positive test, a medical diagnosis, or other evidence that supports that the worker has contracted COVID-19. This could be from another staff member or student with a diagnosed COVID-19 infection.        

CONTACT US: If you have been denied a claim by WorkSafeBC when you have been diagnosed with COVID, please contact the STA at so we can advocate on your behalf.


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