Sadly, violence in schools has long affected our members and continues to do so.   The STA and the District have recently formed a working group to tackle this important issue.  Violent incidents must be reported to the district.  As a follow-up to the report, there should an employee safety plan developed. Reporting is very important because an injury may worsen due to repeated violent incidents. 

There should be an update of the safety plan of this student each time there is an incident, and the teacher should be involved in preparing it.  The teacher should ask at the safety plan meeting about what is being done to protect them and their students.  They should make any suggestions they feel are necessary. If they then try a safety plan and it is unsuccessful, there needs to be another safety plan meeting with changes.  It is important to not become numb to the violence, both teachers and the students: changes need to keep being made until a plan is successful. 

We have attached a copy of the Form 6A to be given to the Employer. 

Please send a copy to your principal, the District at and myself at  

Your principal may be confused by the 6A as the District uses a different form (long story), but this is the form BCTF members are to use.  The teacher does not need to fill out both forms: the principal should use the 6A to complete the District form. 

Finally, but most importantly, if you will be missing any work time because of an injury at work, you need to call WorkSafeBC Claims Call Centre at 604.231.8888. 

Please contact me at if you have questions or concerns. 

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