TTOCs are entitled to leave under the Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”) for all types of leaves listed in Part 6 of the ESA.   

This includes:  

  • Illness or injury leave (five days paid, three days unpaid) 
  • Pregnancy / maternity leave (17 weeks)  
  • Parental leave (61/62 weeks)  
  • Family responsibility leave (5 days)  
  • Compassionate care leave (27 weeks) 
  • Critical illness or injury leave (36 weeks if the family member is under 19, 16 weeks if the family member is 19 or older) 
  • COVID-19 related leave (time period of advice to isolate while diagnosed with COVID-19 or providing care to person under 19 and diagnosed)  
  • Reservists’ leave (20 days or longer “if circumstances require”)  
  • Leave respecting disappearance of child (52 weeks)  
  • Leave respecting death of child (104 weeks)  
  • Leave respecting domestic or sexual violence (5 days paid, 5 days unpaid, 15 weeks additional unpaid)  
  • Bereavement leave (3 days)  
  • Jury duty (duration of jury duty)  

If a TTOC is entitled to one of these leaves, they should request leave from the School District in accordance with the ESA.  TTOCs are entitled to the job protections that accompany ESA leaves, including experience credit towards salary scale increases during the leave.  If you have concerns or questions, please contact Gavin Slade-Kerr, Health and Safety/Grievance Officer, at  

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