Masks are not currently mandatory grades K-3 students, leaving our primary colleagues more exposed to COVID-19. Thank you to those teachers who are also parents of primary students who have been sending their children to school in masks. The BCTF and STA have been advocating for the mask mandate to extend to these students and will continue to do so.

If you are concerned that a 4 – 12 student is not wearing a mask in your classroom, report it to the administration as they are responsible for health and safety at the school. If they don’t deal with it to your satisfaction, bring it to your Health & Safety committee, along with recommendations for action. If the principal chooses not to follow the committee’s recommendation, then the committee co-chair should contact WorkSafe and ask them to investigate the matter.

If your mental health is affected and you are not able to work, take a sick day. You could also apply to WorkSafe to have the day reimbursed as you were injured at work.

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