If you are injured at work, it is important to call the WorkSafeBC Claims Call Centre at 604.231.8888.  They will give you a claim number to put on your Form 6a.  The Form 6a is the WorksafeBC form entitled “Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer”. Make sure you fill out a Form 6A for the time you are sick to be covered by WorksafeBC.   

Send the completed Form 6A to your principal, the district at District at HRES-Safety@surreyschools.ca, and the STA at hs@surreyteachers.org.   

Your principal may be confused by the 6A as the District uses a different form, but this is the form BCTF members are to use.  You do not need to fill out both forms: the principal should use the 6A to complete the District form.  

If you have been denied a claim by WorkSafeBC when you have been injured at work, including being diagnosed with COVID, please contact the STA at hs@surreyteachers.org so we can advocate on your behalf.  

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