The BCTF Fall Representative Assembly will be on November 1-2. This is where our elected local representatives will be making important decisions about provincial bargaining.

Surrey has six Local Representatives (“Local Reps”, or “LRs”) who will be representing you at RAs:

  • Kevin Amboe (IST, David Brankin)
  • Lizanne Foster (Queen Elizabeth)
  • Rick Kumar (Salish, and also representing Adult Education Teachers)
  • Isaac Louie (Hall’s Prairie)
  • Angela Marcakis (Creekside)
  • Pauline Veto (Queen Elizabeth)

It is helpful to the LRs in their work to hear from STA members about their views on provincial issues, such as bargaining. If you wish to contact your LRs, you can email them at and they will all receive the message. (Please use your personal email, so the message will not be on the employer’s system.) 

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