What is an LSA? 

  • L.S.A. stands for Local Specialist Association. An L.S.A. is a local organization of teachers or specialists within a school district who teach in a common subject area or grade level (i.e. Secondary English, Primary, Teacher Librarians etc.). 
  • LSAs differ from a Chapter of a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA). LSAs are governed and managed by the local union in a school district, whereas Chapters are governed by the parent PSA.  In some cases, the local organization is both an LSA and a local chapter of a PSA. 
  • Similar to other committees of the STA, LSAs follow the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the association.   

What are the benefits of having an LSA? 

  • Funding – Annual LSA Operating Grant of $600.00, Annual LSA Pro-D Special Projects Grant of up to $4000.00 
  • Advocating with the union. 
  • Collaboration & Networking across sites with others in the same specialty field or focal point 
  • Provide additional curricular opportunities for your students through shared resources. 
  • Assist with LRS reviews to shape the District Resource Catalogs 
  • Ability to create district standard equipment lists on the purchasing site 
  • Working with the district to create performance festivals, art exhibitions, and best practices guidelines and policies for our areas. 
  • Provide targeted professional development to the members 


Two grants are available annually to active LSA’s 

LSA Membership is reimbursable with individual professional development funds using the Individual Pro-D application. 

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