We want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and that we understand the how hard it must be to be working within a system that does not always feel inclusive or safe. 

The table officers at the STA are a team of teachers who do our best to support all members, but who are, like you, dealing with the inherent imperfections that are present in any union/employer collective agreement.  

We know that the EA shortage is causing many stressors in classrooms, for LST, for IST, and for many of your colleagues. Unfortunately, we have limited ability to affect change in this situation.  That inability weighs heavy in our hearts, and we stand with you wanting to make it better. We do not know how to do that yet. 

We acknowledge that some of you are standing at the doorstep telling us that you feel you are not being heard by your administration or the district or getting adequate support from your union.  

We have one ask of you and that is that you acknowledge that a union can only be as strong as its membership. 

Keeping in mind this idea of strength in numbers, we invite you, as members, to step a across the threshold, come through the door, and participate in this organization to help bring about changes to the system that will help you, your colleagues, and your students to thrive. 

Your membership in the STA offers you many avenues to be heard. You can attend general meetings where you can step up to the microphone to ask questions or speak your truth on union matters. 

You can also join one or more of the many STA committees that are always looking for members to do work that will bring about positive change. We are confident that you will find more than one committee that will allow you to voice your concerns and participate in ways that can help to grow a better, more inclusive system. You can also join one of our Local Specialist Associations (LSAs) that focus on the pedagogical side of our work as teachers.  

We need you to join us in improving the structures we have in place to create better, healthier ways to work with the employer. Please consider becoming active participants in making all union voices heard and respected. 

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