A big shout-out to the Union Reps in our schools!  As a union representative you play a critical role at worksites ensuring that provisions in our Collective Agreement are protected and our members’ voices are heard and respected. We deeply appreciate all that you do for staff at your school. 

STA members, please send an appreciation message about the ways you appreciate your Health & Safety Rep, Pro-D Rep, and/or Staff Rep(s) to communications@surreyteachers.org and we will enter both your names into a draw for a reward every week for the month of June.  

This week’s winners are Susan Soo from Chantrel Creek Elementary and Alex Heistad from James Ardiel Elementary. Congratulations! 

Here are the Shout Outs for this past week:  

Shout Out from Michelle Rettig at Adams Road Elementary 

Our pro d rep, Kristin McPhillips, does a great job in so many ways. She gives us timely reminders, she encourages us to be actively involved in the union, and she plans wicked pro d activities! 

Shout Out from Cody Skalnik at Kwantlen Park Secondary 

I would like to give a shout out to Daniel Barton. After convincing me to be a school rep with him this year he has been the best mentor I could ask for! He showed me the ins and out of being a school-based rep and helped me get involved in other union activities and roles. I was lucky enough to attend the BCTF AGM and sit beside him where he once again gave me the inside scoop. I could not ask for a better union sibling than Daniel and am proud to call him a colleague and friend. Thank you, Daniel! 

Shout Outs from Tzara Skalnik at Enver Creek Secondary 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary STARA Rep Albert Hom for his contributions this year. In addition to his work in this capacity, he has greatly contributed to school morale through his everyday kindness towards STA members, students, and other school staff, as well as other forms of school involvement (such as his weekly Coffee Club facilitation and emails). 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary STARA Rep Brett Harrison for continuously being kind, gentle, and helpful when I’ve needed support in union-related matters. I’d like to specifically thank him for offering his support when I was conducting our school’s Best-Efforts Investigation (as he has done it in the past and this was the first time doing it). 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary STA Pro-D Rep Calvin Mccormack for taking the time to organize meaningful optional school-based pro-d opportunities for our members. I’m grateful for this additional work he’s taken on and his effective communication about the opportunities he’s curated. 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary Health & Safety Rep Michelle Singer for her work this year. In addition to her work in this capacity, I’ve noticed that she proactively contributes to the school’s overall health by treating our students with kindness and gentleness. 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary STA Health & Safety Rep Priya Randhawa for all of the care and consideration she provides for our school. In addition to being the Health & Safety Rep, she proactively contributes to our school’s overall health through her everyday acts of kindness and school clubs/committees. 

I’d like to thank Enver Creek Secondary STARA Rep Jamie Macgregor for giving me his STARA vote so that I can represent our school at the upcoming STARA meeting in an increased capacity. 

I’d like to thank Teresa Tsai for being a wonderful STA Social Justice Rep and the care and community she has brought to our school this year. She continuously approaches STA members, as well as other school staff and students, with both an anti-oppressive focus and compassion. It is clear from the relationships she has formed with staff and students that she’s had a strong impact upon Enver Creek and will be greatly missed next year. Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to see what great things you do next! 

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