We will be holding a Special General Meeting to conduct elections for delegates to the BCTF Provincial Bargaining Conference held on October 28, 29, 30.

Do you have ideas about how to improve collective agreement items such as salary, benefits, employment rights and workload? As a member of the STA, you can be part of the discussion on our bargaining objectives at the virtual BCTF Bargaining Conference in October. Seventeen Bargaining Conference delegates from the STA will be elected.

If you’d like your name as a candidate for election to be distributed to membership before the meeting, please submit it by Monday, September 27 to sta@surreyteachers.org. We will also take nominations from the floor during the Special General Meeting on Wednesday, October 6.

Take Note: In addition to participating in the bargaining conference, delegates are expected to participate in reviewing the submissions from other locals, and training for the conference on October 13 afterschool, and for full days on October 15 and October 25.

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