Don’t forget to add these main events coming up in the next few months to your calendar. 


Wednesday February 15: STARA Meeting at 4:00 PM 


March 18-21: BCTF AGM 


Saturday April 3: Job Share Deadline 

Tuesday April 18: Round 1 opens at 4:00 PM  

Tuesday April 25: Round 1 closes at 4:30 PM  

Wednesday April 19: STARA Meeting at 4:00 PM 


Monday May 1: STA Elections: Candidate Statements due 

Friday May 5: STA Convention Day 

Tuesday May 9: Teacher Appreciation Day 

Thursday May 12: Scholarship Applications deadline 

Wednesday May 17: STA AGM at 4:00 PM 

Tuesday May 23: Round 2 opens at 4:00 PM  

Tuesday May 30: Round 2 closes at 4:30 PM  


Friday June 9: STA Retirement Dinner 

Wednesday June 14: STARA Meeting at 4:00 PM 

Thursday June 15: Deadline for Changing to/from 12 month Pay Scheme 

Friday June 30: Last day of school 

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