A Red for BC Ed story that is a “rose” is one that shows the good things that happen in our schools and a story that is “thorn” points out what makes working and learning difficult in our schools. Everyone has a “rose and thorn” story so why not share it?  

We are pleased to receive these Red for BC ED stories this week:  

  1. One of the wonderful things about our is school is that it has become a place of refuge for vulnerable children in a constantly changing world. We can offer kids stability when other aspects of their lives might be in turmoil. Currently we have a counsellor on site only 2 days a week. Without more counselling hours, our school cannot function at its best.  
  1. The whole world is at our school. We can be proud of our inclusive school climate making everyone feel welcome because everyone belongs. Have more funds for special education, and access to updated technology would be a huge help to support the various learning needs of our students. 
  1. We are fortunate to live in a time where the teaching profession is in high demand and students are motivated to learn. We need the technology tools and supports such as more LST time, IST and EA support, counselling, and school psychologists to make sure ALL our learners can be successful. 

Thank you for all the honest and heartfelt stories already submitted.  In order to give more schools a chance to submit their stories, we are extending the deadline to the end of day Friday, April 28, 2023. Complete the Red for BCED Stories form to submit your story. 

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