The grievance officers met with the staff representatives from secondary schools to discuss best efforts to comply with the restored language of our collective agreement. Staff reps, with the help of school members, worked hard to review the information so grievance officers could discuss any issues with the employer. 

It is important that members know that they are getting the remedy they have earned and that the number of minutes they get is correct. The formula used to determine remedy and the forms of remedy available are on the STA website under Negotiated Agreements.  

The remedy agreement was designed to make it difficult for the employer to violate the restored language. While it is not perfect, we agreed to it. The STA strongly supports asking for remedy to assist in the affected teacher’s class, because this requires the employer to recognize the need for more staffing. Co-teaching, additional non-enrolling staff, and prep time are the options available. What some teachers may not realize is that even though the prep time they get in-lieu may be scheduled, it can be pulled at the last minute to cover a failure-to-fill, and teachers are obligated to come into their school to teach their class. Also, putting off taking remedy is not advisable, for the same reason. If remedy is offered, it should be taken. 

If you have questions about your remedy, please contact Human Resources. If you are concerned about their response, call the STA, and speak to Joanna Cerazy at or Kelli O’Malley at

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