Selected Extracts from Racial Equity Environment Assessment (pages 12 – 14)

Summary of Findings from Listening Circles

· Staff are student-focused and committed to equity and justice

· Staff want to know how to communicate [ about racial equity and social justice]

· The celebration of Indigenous cultures exists but is largely limited.

· The treatment and history of Indigenous peoples are a reason for concern

· BIPOC families viewed increased representation as critical to cultural instruction of White students

· Lack of safe space to discuss the experiences of racism and microaggressions among BIPOC educators, staff and students.

· Differed perspectives on the available resources for teachers between leadership and staff

· Training efforts are not happening at the system level

Recommendations for Workforce Development and Theory of Change

· Adopt anti-racist, culturally responsive and inclusive teaching

· Strengthen and expand supports for staff and teachers of BIPOC to thrive as members of Surrey Schools Family

· Offer culturally responsive professional development for teachers that is compensated, mandated and co-created and professional development on how to partner with families to support student learning

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