One of the major benefits of being a BCTF member is our jointly trusteed pension plan, which provides retirement security through a defined benefit for life.  Detailed information about how the plan works can be found at   

Synopsis of Benefits 

  • Retirement security: Your pension is secure, not dependent on investment returns. 
  • Planning ahead: Because your pension is based on a formula, you can use the personalized pension estimator in My Account on the TPP website to estimate what you’ll get ahead of time. 
  • The Plan takes care of the challenges for you: You don’t need to worry about making investment decisions or remembering to make contributions—BC Investment Management Corporation (BCI) employs a team of professionals to do the work for you. 
  • Expert investment management at a low cost: BCI provides professional investment management for less than you would normally pay in investment fees. 
  • Protection for your loved ones: If you die before you retire, your pension can help support your spouse or other beneficiaries. 
  • Cost-of-living adjustments: Once you start receiving your pension, it may be topped up to keep up with increases in the cost of living. 
  • Options if you change jobs: If you leave your job before your earliest retirement age, you’ll have flexible options like keeping your money in the plan until you’re ready for a pension.

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