In May, there were record-breaking temperatures across the province. Surrey teachers reported a multitude of issues related to working and learning in overheated classrooms and portables. The STA sent out a survey to all members to gather information. These findings will be shared with the District. 

  • 95% reported 1:00-3:00 pm was the hottest time of day. 
  • 82% of respondents had more than 3 days of over 30 degrees in their classroom over 2 weeks. 
  • 42% of respondents chose to buy their own fan(s) for their classroom. 
Student Symptoms Reported  Teacher Symptoms Reported 
93% Difficulty focusing/engaging 
89% Fatigue 
78% Reduced academic performance 
71% Increased dysregulated behaviour 
68% Headaches 
62% Dehydration 
33% Nausea 
87% Fatigue 
75% Headaches 
68% Difficulty engaging with students/colleagues 
60% Dehydration 
49% Mood changes 
45% Deteriorated decision-making 
33% Nausea 
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