Holly Elementary has a long stand tradition of putting on elaborate winter and spring musical productions. 

This year, after two long years of COVID constraints, I felt the community was starving for excitement, and wanted to lift the morale of staff and students.  The performing arts cannot be caged in the classroom and the creative muses begged to be released.  A little organized chaos does wonders to break the monotony of the school year!   

The gym was transformed into a magical winter wonderland themed movie set for an original Holly Hawk production titled Happy HoHoHo Holidays Holly, which stared a small drama cast, choir, instrumentalists and 16 divisions.  Each wall of the gym was transformed into a scene, and all 24 divisions in the school had the opportunity to “tour” the set and take pictures during the week of filming.   

These are the moments that make lasting memories.  Such is the incredible magic of the performing arts. 

Students in this production worked very hard to fine-tune their skills and overcome personal insecurities in order to bring their learning outside of the classroom.  This is vital and necessary in the performing arts.  Regardless of whether one plays a big or small role, each student’s personal journey is unique, and performance allows them to explore and experience a different aspect of learning.  One has tooccasionally step outside of one’s comfort zone in order to gain insight. 

When a community comes together, great feats are accomplished.  I am truly blessed to belong to a genuinely caring and spirited community that pulls together for the success of our students.  I am deeply moved and am in awe by the kindness, professional diligence and contribution of all who had a hand in this production. 

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