This week’s question:  What committee deals with questions relating to salary, allowances, benefits, or indemnities? Send us the answer to, including the clause number, for a chance to win a gift card. 

Congratulations:  Kevin Amboe from David Brankin Elementary provided the correct answer for last week’s question. 

Question from January 16-20, 2023: To whom do you submit a job share application for approval? 

Correct Answer:  C.24.3 PARTNERSHIPS a. When a job sharing partnership is proposed the two (2) employees must make written application (unless agreed otherwise by the employees and the principal), by April 1*, to the principal with a copy to the Human Resources Department.  

* This year, it is April 3 because April 1 is a Saturday. 

Please note: This contest is now postponed until after Spring Break. It’s been fantastic hearing about people excited to learn more about our collective agreement. For the month of February our will focus will be on Black History Month initiatives. Stay tuned!  

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