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This week’s question: Are teachers required to perform duties during lunch?  Send us the answer and include the collective agreement clause for a chance to win a gift card. 

Congratulations to Glenys McFarlane from Hyland Elementary who provided the correct answer for last week’s question.  

Question from December 16-20, 2022: Do teachers get paid for being a first aid attendant? 

Correct Answer:
No.  They are paid for the days they are trained and get coverage if they are required during their class time and compensated if called during prep, but unlike CUPE members, teachers do not receive a monthly allowance.  

B.27.2 FIRST AID TRAINING Providing the Surrey Teachers‘ Association member obtains the prior approval of the Human Resources Department, a Surrey Teachers‘ Association member will be reimbursed for the cost of taking an Industrial First Aid Course and examination on receipt of proof of successful completion of the course and examination fees expended. 

D.27.4 FIRST AID b. The school administration will ensure that the teacher/first aid attendant’s class is covered when the teacher/first aid attendant is called out of class to provide first aid services, and c. Where preparation time is lost by a teacher/first aid attendant while providing first aid services, or by another teacher by covering the class of a teacher/first aid attendant who is providing first aid services, such lost time will be compensated in accordance with Article D.4.9. 

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