We have heard from many members with concerns about the changes in Elementary Reporting, notably that Elementary school teachers are required to use Spaces or the CSL Template for reporting now. We have told the district, and continue to hold the position, that if teachers are required to use Spaces or the CSL Template and can no longer use the platform they are familiar with (Freshgrade) they should be provided with in-service. Teachers should not be expected to learn these tools after school, during lunchbreaks or on Professional Development days. 

Members are encouraged to ask their principals for release time to become familiar with the use of these reporting tools. Members can access the district’s CSL website on Surrey Schools One

Further, we have heard from members that they are under pressure from administrators to implement changes to their reporting to be in-line with the new BC K-12 Reporting Policy Framework.  

It is important for all teachers to note that the Reporting Policy Framework is set to be implemented in the 2023-24 school year, and teachers should not be expected to implement any changes at this time. 

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