Thank you to Ami Kambo who shared how she is engaging learners during Black History Month at Fraser Heights Secondary. A coffee card is on the way to you!  

β€œAt our school my Cultural diversity and equity club has been putting up various displays around the school for Black history month I’ve attached pics πŸ–€πŸ™ŒπŸΎ thanks for the opportunity to share πŸ’—. 

Also, I created a Black excellence week trivia and black history month trivia that was read over the PA system. Classes participated in guessing the right answers for questions such as: Who is the black woman activist on our Canadian $10 bill? Who was the black volunteer lifeguard who saved many lives at Kitsilano beach and has a Steakhouse named after him? It was very competitive, engaged students in the school, and the winning class got an ice cream or popsicle party.  

I’ve also sent links to all staff to help with teaching about black history month and raise awareness of this important month and all the changemakers that must be acknowledged as we strive for equity for BIPOC in our communities.”


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