Brochure for parents of ESL students

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Provincial Specialist Association of the BC Teachers’ Federation has produced a brochure for parents of ESL students in BC public schools.

The brochure explains the following to parents:

  1. What ESL support might look like for their children,
  2. What is involved in learning a new language,
  3. How school in British Columbia may be different from what they experienced in their home countries,
  4. Ways they can know how their children are doing at school, and
  5. What they can do to help their children learn.

The brochure had been translated into fourteen most common languages spoken by students in BC public schools:

French, Korean, Russian, Chinese (simplified & traditional characters), Persian(Farsi), Polish, Tagalog, Hindi, Portugese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Punjabi.

Each translated brochure is labeled in English to help you identify them for easy distribution.

We hope that this brochure will be useful to schools and community groups. Please feel free to print, photocopy and distribute it.

BCTF Presentations for Parents

The BCTF has developed sessions for parents that provide opportunities to learn strategies, gain knowledge and explore concerns.

The brochures are in PDF format. For more information go to the BCTF website and look for: