The next round of Staff Rep Training starts after winter break! Space is limited to 23 participants per day and there will be 8 sessions happening at the STA office between January 9 and 24. Sessions run from 8:30 am to 2:45 pm. Lunch will be provided.  Register now to secure your spot.

For Rookie Staff Reps

Pick one of the following sessions to register:

Role and Function of the Staff Rep (January 9)

  • To determine the role and function of the staff rep.
  • To become familiar with the format and content of the provincial and local collective agreement.
  • To identify where can I go for help.
  • To identify my role in the staff rep network and how can I support my local.

The Complete Staff Representative 101 (January 10)

  • to review the role of the staff rep
  • to expand the skills of the staff rep
  • assertive communication skill development
  • rules of order and running an effective meeting
  • note taking skill development
  • analyzing an issue

For All Staff Reps (including rookies)

Pick one of the following sessions to register:

Advanced Advocacy Skills (January 14, 15, 16, 22)

To further develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed by staff reps to carry out their roles through

  • increased confidence
  • practice of analyzing issues
  • practice of using assertive communication skills
  • practice of framing discussions

One of the hardest things for staff reps to do (particularly new staff reps) is to separate their roles as employees (teachers) from their roles as equals to the administration when upholding the Collective Agreement. This workshop will let you practice your role, learn where your strengths are where you might need more support and practice to carry out your role.

Preparation for Bargaining: The School Union Team (January 23, 24)
Strategies and activities are built into the SURT to help facilitate understanding, trust, and communication among the School Union Reps.
• Recognize that individual school union reps can work more effectively as a cohesive team.
• Demonstrate how the school union team can collaborate to solve problems at the school level.
• Understand how the role of the school team connects to the bargaining process

Once the school team has established positive results from working as a team at the school level, gathering information from members and sharing information with members during the bargaining process should become more efficient and meaningful. The ultimate goal is to engage more members at all phases of the bargaining process.

Book your TTOC/LOA (Once you receive registration confirmation)

Article: G.21.7.h STA Business
Leave with pay
Cost of TTOC to be borne by the STA.
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