As you may know, we changed the structure of the May 4, 2018 STA Convention Day so that we had four sites: Aboriginal, Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary. For next year’s convention we would like to continue with the four sites and are working on an idea to form convention sub-committees for each site. Since the STA Convention is an event put on by teachers for teachers, creating these sub-committees (each with their own budget) would allow teachers in these particular areas to come together to plan meaningful convention experiences for their colleagues.

Aboriginal: Over the past few years, there has been a well-established group of Aboriginal strand organizers, who have worked hard at providing an immersive experience for more and more teachers every year. If you are interested in helping teachers find ways to weave aboriginal education into their curriculum, this is the sub-committee for you.

Primary: K to 3 teachers, your work is so important in setting the foundations for our youngest students to become lifelong learners. Your expertise is unique and you are the perfect people to be recruiting and selecting presenters who can address your professional development needs.

Intermediate: Grades 4 -7 teachers, you build upon the work of your primary colleagues in ways that promote the academic and social growth of your students and you are the people who need to be shaping convention opportunities that are specific to the needs of your teaching cohorts.

Secondary: Since your work is very subject specific, your sub-committee would best be served by a variety of subject area teachers who can work to provide wide reaching convention opportunities for a very diverse audience in order to support your work of preparing young adults for their futures.

If you are interested in joining one of these sub-committees, please contact June James at, identifying which sub-committee you would prefer to join.

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