Our committees are governed by the rules and regulations as set out in our Collective Agreement, Constitution & Bylaws and Policies & Procedures.  Meetings are governed by Robert’s Rules. Please feel free to review our Committee Meetings Procedures.

  • Economic Welfare Committee

    oversees our contractual benefits like the extended health plan, medical laws, insurance coverage, all salary category changes and job share issues.

  • Education Governance Committee

    focuses on major topics of concern to teaching and the work we do in schools, i.e. year-round schooling and corporate intrusion into schools, accountability contracts.

  • Finance Committee

    assists in the monitoring and review of the Association’s budget to ensure that the financial obligations and priorities are carried out.

  • Labour Affairs Committee

    works to establish contacts with other labour organizations as well as keeps the Association informed as to issues of concern to the members.

  • PA/PR Committee

    has the responsibility of investigating political candidates’ positions and attitudes on education.

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