One of the major advantages of being part of a union is our collective bargaining power when negotiating with our employers. A lot of the items in our collective agreement, including our salary, benefits, employment rights, working conditions, and leaves of absences, have been bargained for by teachers in the past – teachers just like us.

At the October 6 Special General Meeting, we are electing 17 delegates to the BCTF Provincial Bargaining Conference held online on October 28,29,30.

 If you think you would like to be part of the discussion and have a say on our bargaining objectives, and would like to attend the BCTF Bargaining Conference on October 28-30, please submit your name in advance to

In addition to participating in the bargaining conference, delegates are expected to participate in reviewing the submissions from other locals, and training for the conference on October 13 afterschool, full days October 15 and full day October 25.

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