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October 4, 2010

For Immediate Press Release

World Teachers’ Day: A Celebration of Strong Public Education

Tomorrow, teachers around the world will be recognized for their contributions.

World teachers’ day was declared by UNESCO and first commemorated in 1994. World-wide

there are more than 55 million teachers. This day is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution

teachers make to the lives of their students. Teachers develop key relationships as role models

and mentors. They nurture; they inspire; and they challenge. Teachers support learners of all

ages from kindergarteners to adult learners.

World Teachers’ Day is also an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of public

education. There are still 75 million children around the globe who do not have access to an

education and have been denied this fundamental right.

Fortunately, in BC, public education plays a critical role in ensuring the success of British

Columbians and we continue to have a strong public education system. Through our educational

programs students in BC do a lot more than learn about the three Rs. In fact, these days there

are four Rs, reading, writing, numeracy and social responsibility. But more than that our public

schools are places where students socialize and develop community, create and explore, think

critically and innovate, challenge and develop communication skills. Staffed with highly

qualified teachers, public schools lay the foundation for the future of our province.

Education positively affects everyone in our community. Strong public education helps to

reduce crime rates and decreases health care costs. It also raises the overall standard of living

for everyone in BC. “It is important for everyone, not just those with school-aged children, to

support strong public education. Strong public education makes the future better for everyone,”

said Denise Moffatt, President, Surrey Teachers’ Association.

On Tuesday, October 5th, take a minute to thank a teacher you know for the important work

they do for all of us.

For more information contact, Denise Moffatt at the Surrey Teachers’ Association

at (604)594-5353

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