Below is a list of all the committees within the structure of the STA. While the Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the business of the local, the various standing committees play an integral role in organizing activities for members, strategizing around issues, and providing advice and critical feedback to the Executive Committee in specific areas. Committees generally meet once per month and may organize special projects or events throughout the year.

The Committees are also great places for members to get involved! Contact the office or visit the committee section to find out more!

Adult Educators



Economic Welfare

Education Governance

Executive Committee



Health & Safety

International Solidarity

Labour Affairs and Education

Political Action and Public Relations


South Asian Students Advocacy by Teachers

Status of Men

Status of Women

Teachers Interested in Multicultural Education

Teachers on Call Advisory Committee

Ad Hoc Committees               

Ad Hoc Committee on Aboriginal Education

Ad Hoc Committee on Poverty

Ad Hoc Committee on Status of Men in the Teaching Profession

Ad Hoc Technology Advisory Committee

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