Surrey Teachers Marking in the Mall – January 23, 2012

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January 23, 2012
Surrey Teachers Marking in the Mall
On Monday, January 23rd, Surrey teachers will be marking in the malls to demonstrate their ongoing work and commitment to teaching during job action. At four public locations throughout Surrey, teachers will be marking student work, preparing lesson plans, sharing teaching strategies with colleagues, and talking shop. They will also be sharing information with interested passers-by about the ongoing job action. Teachers will be at Semiahmoo, Guildford Town Centre, Willowbrook and City Centre malls.

“We are reminding the public how much of teachers’ work goes beyond the hours of a school day,” said Glynis Cawdell, a beginning teacher and one of the organizers of the event. Every teacher puts in extra hours after the school day. These extra hours include time spent on a variety of activities including preparation, marking, writing reports, attending meetings, photocopying, and buying supplies.

“During job action, teachers are working as hard as ever to meet student needs,” said Denise Moffatt, President of the Surrey Teachers’ Association. “What better way to remind the public of this than to let people view hundreds of teachers marking assignments in a public space?”

In addition to the extra time teachers put in to do their job, teachers also contribute voluntary service to the school community. In a recent survey of Surrey teachers, 99% of the 959 teachers who completed the survey reported that they provided voluntary service above and beyond the requirements of their job. Teachers described their voluntary involvement as sponsoring clubs, coaching, committee work, charity drives and fundraisers, organizing optional trips and camps, and even coordinating a school garden. 58% of teachers estimated they spent more than 4 hours per week on these voluntary activities and 19% of teachers reported that they spent more than 10 hours per week on voluntary work alone. “It shows you how committed teachers are to their school communities,” said Moffatt.

Despite their commitment to public education, teachers continue to face a “sub-zero” mandate at the bargaining table and no progress in addressing the legislation that eliminated important class size, composition and specialist ratios. “Teachers make a difference in the lives of students every day. All we are asking for is to be treated respectfully by our employer and government. Isn’t it time teachers got a fair deal?” asked Moffatt.

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For more information media representatives can reach the Surrey Teachers’ Association by calling the office at 604.594.5353. You can also email Denise Moffatt at

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