Surrey Board of Education unwilling to come to the table

November 16, 2011
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Surrey Board of Education unwilling to come to the table

Negotiations between the Surrey Board of Education and the Surrey Teachers’ Association are at a standstill. Teachers in Surrey want to negotiate local solutions for local issues. However, the Surrey Board of Education has refused to come to the table to talk since June. “Surrey teachers have made several requests to continue negotiations, but the Board has refused,” said Denise Moffatt, President of the Surrey Teachers’ Association.

While provincial talks continue, local bargaining tables are also open. Surrey teachers ratified a number of local bargaining objectives last spring. Local objectives include improvements to anti-discrimination language, aboriginal employment equity, health and safety, and the development of a program to encourage transit use. “Many of these objectives are no brainers,” said Moffatt. “They are things that both parties should have an interest in reviewing and improving. For example, the Surrey School District is one of the largest employers in the province and does not have a transit plan for its employees. We brought ideas forward for what this could look like and now they won’t even talk.”

Other Boards of Education are at the local table and continuing negotiations while it is clear that there is no interest on the part of the Surrey Board to get a deal. Although bargaining began in March, the Surrey Board hasn’t provided a counter proposal on any of the items tabled by the Union. “Teachers in Surrey are getting really frustrated. We want to make progress on these issues. It is time for the Board of Education to act responsibly and get to the table, not shirk their responsibilities,” said Moffatt.

Surrey teachers are continuing with the Labour Relations Board approved phase one job action. Additionally, over the next few weeks, they will participate in a number of public actions in support of local and provincial bargaining in hopes of making progress in negotiations.

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For more information, contact Denise Moffatt at 778-228-3124.

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