Sunday Memo – March 4, 2012

MEMO TO: Staff Reps

COPIES TO: STA Executive Committee

FROM: Denise Moffatt, President

Date: March 4, 2012

Working together, with the solidarity and strength of our members, we will have a very successful day tomorrow.

Pressure on Sticket lines
There is some speculation that there may be situations where deliberate provocative action is taken to create a resolution and to cast a negative light on teacher demonstrations on Monday. Please remember that we will be the focus of intense earned media all the time now and in particular at demonstrations and rallies and that even if deliberately provoked we must remain calm and dignified professionals.

Because we are not picketing sites, members must not prevent parents, students, AOs and support staff from entering schools.

Rally in Victoria
We will know by late Sunday evening how many spaces we will have for teachers to ride on buses to the Victoria rally. Teachers who would like to make their own arrangements to get to Victoria are encouraged to carpool with friends and make a reservation or leave the night before if possible. We will reimburse members for ferry passenger fare but are unable to pay for individual vehicles. In order to receive strike pay, there will be a sign in for Surrey members at the Hotel Grand Pacific which is next to the legislature.

Social Media
Many members will be sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook, and these tools will provide not only a good opportunity to express goodwill between locals, but also to push our message out to the broader public. Please encourage members to do so using the #bcpoli, #bced, and #killbill22 hashtags.

Leaders have something to say about Bill 22
Last week Premier Clark and Opposition Leader Adrian Dix gave radio addresses that covered the Bill 22 legislation. A transcript is attached for your reference.

Targeted MLA Lobby
It is critical that we put pressure on all MLAs to hear our message about Bill 22, but particularly those Liberal MLAs who were narrowly elected in 2009. Many of the MLAs are uninformed about the issues in our classrooms. NDP leader Adrian Dix has already sent out a media alert stating why the NDP will not be supporting Bill 22, but we hope we can also sway some of the Liberal backbench and the two Independents to vote against the bill. Those MLAs need to be reminded that they were narrowly elected to represent their constituents and that the next election is just over a year away.

Current party standings in the House are: 47 Liberals, 34 NDP, 2 Independents, and 2 vacant seats out of the total of 85 seats.

We encourage you to send these MLAs e-mails or make phone calls explaining why IMPOSING this legislation will NOT put an end to labour conflict in public education or provide adequate services for students. We need to put pressure on enough of these MLAs to put internal pressure on the Liberal caucus before they pass this bill at Third Reading. MLAs could be encouraged to defeat the bill or make amendments deleting whole sections of this draconian legislation.

If we could encourage both Independents and six Liberals to vote with the NDP, this bill could be defeated!

Liberals and Independents who were narrowly elected in 2009 include those listed in the attachment hereto.

Please encourage parents, teachers, support staff, and all concerned community members to contact the listed MLAs while Bill 22 is being debated in the House.

The attached list of MLAs have been selected as having won by fairly narrow margins and/or been known to make public statements sympathetic to teachers at one time or other.

Petitions to Kill Bill 22
There are currently two petitions circulating to Kill bill 22. Please take the time to add your name to the petition and to forward the links to friends, family and parents.

Zone Contacts
Each school will have EC member contacts to help troubleshoot any issues, deliver supplies and keep you informed. If there are any issues, please ask for your zone contact before speaking to any other executive member.

BC CCPA says BC isn’t broke. It is all about priorities.
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