Staff Representatives


Staff Representatives are in KEY leadership positions at their worksite. Your role can be compared to that of a shop steward in many other unions. You are the frontline legal representatives of the STA at your school. You are a key conduit of information from members to the union leadership and from the union leadership to members. No policy, action plan, or communication strategy will be brought to life in a school without the onsite skills, knowledge, and analytical capabilities of the school union rep.


In general terms, a staff representative has three goals:

  1. to administer/enforce the STA/BCTF collective agreement at the school level,
  2. to be an effective problem-solver, advocate, and source of information for your colleagues, and
  3. to be a leader within your staff.

Specifically, these three goals can be achieved by:

  • being an effective spokesperson for your staff at STA Representative Assembly meetings;
  • accurately and promptly communicating information from the STA Executive Committee to your staff;
  • participating in the business of the STA;
  • participating in the Staff Rep training program;
  • acting as a teacher/staff advocate;
  • facilitating school-based discussions of relevant issues;
  • initiating and fostering collegial decision-making practices within the school;
  • working with other STA committee reps within your school staff;
  • gaining experience to be better equipped to take on STA Executive Committee leadership positions;
  • encouraging Teacher-on-Call participation in STA membership and school activities;
  • participating in establishing STA bargaining objectives; and
  • encouraging member involvement in STA meetings, processes, committees and social events.

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