STA Examiner – Archives 2005/2006

June 19th Be Ready for Bill 33 Examiner#6
June 1st Strike Vote/Bargaining Special Informational Meeting Heads Up #9
May 23rd Bill 33 Process Heads Up#8
May 1st College Council Election Heads Up#7
April 24th STARA Amends Stand on “Ready, Set, Learn” Heads Up #6
April 18th Affiliation? Vote Yes! Examiner #5
March 27th “Ready, Set, Learn” – Not Teacher Work Heads Up#5
March 10th What can I say during parent-teacher interviews? Heads Up#4
February 16th TOC Shortage Province Wide Examiner #4
January 23rd Salary Indemnity Plan Rebate Heads Up #3
November 28th Many excellent articles have been written analyzing our two-week “protest” Examiner #2
October 27th Month End Pay Heads Up #2
September 19th Why is “yes” the only option for teachers in the strike vote? Heads Up #1
September 6th Strike Vote – Sept 21 , 21 Examiner#1