STA Examiner – Archives 2002/2003

June 19th Teachers Must Not Fund Christy’s College Examiner #07
May 29th College Changes Heads Up #08
May 20th Teaching Profession Ammendment Act Examiner #06
May 5th Response to Peter Drescher’s Memo on FSAs Heads Up #07
Apr 24th FSAs: A Mass Distraction Examiner #05
Apr 17th Budget Cuts Examiner #04
Apr 3rd Summer Professional Development Heads Up #06
Mar 30th Where’s the Fluff? Examiner #03
Mar 03rd Provincial Budget: Smoke and Mirrors Examiner #02
Feb 17th Caravan Against the Cuts Comes to Surrey Examiner #01
Jan 27th Tolerance is Always Age Appropriate Echo Press #01
Jan 13th School Visits Heads Up #05
Dec 16th Choice Brings Privilege the Herald
Dec 2nd No Rush for School Planning Councils Heads Up #04
Nov 25th Pro-Public Education Trustee Elected the Wow
Nov 7th Sullivan Heights Theatre a Fiasco of Monumental Proportions Economist
Oct 28th Arbitration to Define Work of Teacher Heads Up #03
Oct 17th Elections 2002 – What’s the Point? Enquirer
Oct 3rd Special Edition: World Teachers’ Day Good Times
Oct 3rd School Based Teams Heads Up #02
Sept 30th “Teachers Gear Up for Civic Election” the Times
Sept 16th “Nurses, doctors and teachers most maligned workers in the country” Post Intelligencer
Sept 9th School Based Teams Stripped Heads Up #01
Sept 3rd Welcome Back President’s Perspective #01