Social Justice DVD Library

Social Justice Films Available for Viewing:
The STA’s International Solidarity Committee has a library of film resources for teachers to preview for use with their classes or simply for their own interest and education. The collection is called “Justice to Go” and is easily accessible. First, you browse our films on our wiki at  and then follow the instructions there for requesting the film you’d like to watch.

Email Julia MacRae at the STA office: to request the DVD. It will be delivered to you in the courier at your school, and you can return it the same way a few weeks later.

There are films for various grade levels and content areas available on all kinds of social justice topics including war and peace issues, the devastation of AIDS in Africa, water privatization, immigration, sweat shops, genetically modified foods and Monsanto, poverty, oil, and globalization. Many films come with resource suggestions as well, and we invite you to include any resources you may develop for use with your class.

Why not use a fascinating film to get your students thinking this year! Or why not borrow a few for your staff to view, or for your personal interest?

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