Restored Contract Language

Implementation of restored contract language: Keep the STA in the loop
Many schools are now receiving newly hired teachers as a result of Surrey’s portion of the $50 million. We understand that there may be some challenges as schools work to include this mid-year increase in staffing. Please take a moment to welcome this new staff member, and to let the STA know if there is any confusion about the role of the new teacher and how to best utilize this increase. Ideally, staff and admin work together to sort out the best use of this additional professional.

What does the restored language say?
We circulated the restored language after the court victory, but it can be difficult to understand exactly what it means for us today, particularly as we approach staffing and class organizations for 2017-18. Please see the attached document for a chart outlining the major changes.

Please note:
We have a disagreement with the District over the ratios for Counsellors and Teacher Librarians. The restored language contains two different sets of ratios:
1:628 students
1:965 students (elementary)
1:380 students (secondary)

Teacher Librarians:
1:649 students
1:500 students (elementary)
1 for each secondary school

Based on a provision saying that the best ratio applies, the STA’s position is that we can take the best ratios from all of the language (i.e. 1:628 for elementary counsellors, and 1:380 for secondary counsellors, and 1:500 for elementary Teacher Librarians, and 1:649 for secondary Teacher Librarians). The District’s position is that we can only choose one set of language (i.e. either the one ratio for all levels, or the other set of ratios for elementary and secondary). Ultimately, this issue will have to be resolved through negotiation or arbitration, and we hope that will happen in time for spring staffing.

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